Ask the Board – September 3, 2019 | RICHARD DAUGHERTY


“What role does the AV integrator have in regards to network security for digital signage networks?”

When it comes to digital signage, several companies look to their IT department for direction or approval on what is allowed on their network, how it is used, and bandwidth constraints. Network Security can be one of the most important topics for a digital signage implementation and can be a very serious requirement. Concerns ranging from hackers accessing information from a financial institution or a virus wreaking havoc on a company’s network. These are the nightmares that face IT when hearing about a digital signage solution existing on their network. As integrators, we need to come in with the best solution to address these concerns. There are vulnerabilities that need to be investigated with any proposed solution, from physical network access as well as operating system access and application security. At AVI-SPL, we take these considerations seriously, reviewing and vetting solutions for their ability to deliver a secure solution for our clients that have sensitive information. Certifications such as PCI Compliant, not collecting or storing payment information, is critical for our financial and medical clients. SOC 2 Type II is another very important certification that ensures your customer data is safe and secure. As AV Integrators, we need to offer solutions that have these certifications to offer peace of mind for our clients, especially the IT Department!

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