Ask the Board – September 30, 2019 | CHRISTINA RADIGAN


“If you could create a magical tool, resource or component for digital signage, what would it be and how would it revolutionize the industry?”

Magic aside, a tool that would truly help to revolutionize the industry would be a “universe” of all digital signage inventory that facilitated planning and buying across networks, screens and formats. This tool would operate very much like a demand-side platform and enable targeting by audience, market, location, proximity and more.  The supply it would connect to would be TRANSPARENT, and the planner or buyer would have full understanding of the inventory from which they were buying. Pricing would be biddable, and space would be guaranteed once sold. We have seen many iterations of this tool that come close, but there’s typically a limitation, most often around transparency. Over the last year, Outdoor Media Group has had the opportunity to evaluate a tremendous amount of technology, and we are encouraged about the opportunities as we see the industry move closer to this ‘magic’ state.

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