Ask the Board – September 30, 2019 | DAVE KOPPELMAN


“If you could create a magical tool, resource or component for digital signage, what would it be and how would it revolutionize the industry?”

One of the biggest concerns many advertisers have with digital signage is proof-of-play and how many people were exposed to an advertising message.

It would be amazing to find a LEGAL way to count how many people had the opportunity to see our spot play.  It would also be great to have a way to TRULY verify that our ad spot ran and the exact time it ran.

Having this log of data easily available and verified, along with the data of how many people walked by at that time, would give us the ability to measure real footfall traffic at our screens and give us a true sense of impressions.

While I have this magic ball, I would cheat and ask for one more – an easy way to capture the image with a camera that doesn’t have those dark, flat, vertical lines in the photo.  I understand that a camera’s frame rate doesn’t match up with a monitor’s refresh rate, so how can we make easy adjustments to this?  Seems possible, yet nobody does it…

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