Ask the Board – September 30, 2019 | RICK ROBINSON


“If you could create a magical tool, resource or component for digital signage, what would it be and how would it revolutionize the industry?”

The magical tool I’d like to see is something to help us master content creation.  I don’t know what it looks like – a dynamic testing tool, an investment in learning, a clinical evaluation of best practices, a HUGE industry DOOH creative award show with epic judges and BIG prizes — maybe it’s all of the above. I do know that I often feel we are under-utilizing the rapidly growing DOOH opportunity and ecosystem as practitioners.  In general, there has been good progress made towards embracing and exploiting contextual opportunities. We’ve also begun to indoctrinate the public about how to interact with DOOH via AR, sight recognition, selfie-posting, etc.  Yet I’m hungry for us to do better, create more visual drama and deliver mind-blowing moments of immersion in the public space much more frequently. It’s like we’re slowly cruising the parking lot in a Ferrari.  It’s time to unleash the beast!







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