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“What best practices have you seen that define digital signage investment and successfully apply the medium?”

There are too many effective uses of digital signage to list them all, so let me focus on a couple of areas that seem to stand out.  It must be stated that the core mission of the technology and its ability to perform defines success.  There is no need to be the largest. Just strive to be the best.

Digital signage in the corporate office, used as a communications tool for employees, is a perfect example for effectively using the medium. Too many times in larger organizations, the right hand is not talking to the left, and departments or personnel are left in the dark. Using displays that are networked to tasks, goals or notifications gives real time information to everyone in the organization. This is something that email, posters and billboards cannot do.

Another effective use is wayfinding. While we don’t deploy this type of signage, I can’t tell you how many times I see people interacting with the screens. At airports, malls or office complexes, people are constantly getting their information from this technology instead of an information counter. Find a venue where you are confused in maneuvering, and you have a prospect.

Regardless of the application as stated above, displays must be constantly updated and maintained.  Start small, perform above the goals and growth will follow.

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