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“What best practices have you seen that define digital signage investment and successfully apply the medium?”

There are several factors that define the medium that also makes it well worth the investment.

When using digital signage, you have a dynamic platform that makes it very easy to change out advertising at a moment’s notice. It can be set up to connect to a POS or back-of-house system that can change sale prices or update information on the screens as information is changing in the background. For a retailer, if they are out of an item, the content advertising the item can be removed from the playlist and changed to something that is in stock. For out of home, it can be simple triggers such as weather and traffic that can make the screens more useful for the viewer.

It can also reduce the cost of sending out printed material in which you may have to send multiple copies and change them out to fit the current condition or sale that is happening. When using digital signage, you can also get several ads in the same space as a single static ad. There can also be motion and audio, something that you do not get with a static campaign.

If you take the cost of producing, then sending and then having a person change out each piece of static material over a length of time, it is definitely more beneficial to have someone that can just schedule the content into your CMS and have it set to playback on the schedule that has been set. This leaves your associates in a retail location to work on other things to better present your product.

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