Ask the Board – September 4, 2018 | IAN DALLIMORE


“What best practices have you seen that define digital signage investment and successfully apply the medium?”

Location is key when deploying a digital network.  In today’s world of data, it’s wise to use this to best determine the potential success of your digital network.  In our space, we use data, but we also demand investment when converting from static OOH to digital OOH.  It’s key to make sure you aren’t cannibalizing existing clients that move from one screen to another to ensure you are generating new business. You hear a ton about OOH companies now embracing data to better build networks, which is a huge step forward, but don’t forget the “art” side as well. It’s important to make sure your digital network has the same data that can make your screens more relevant on the creative side as well. The combination of art and science in the OOH world will lead to a successful network.

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