Ask the Board – September 7, 2020 | BRYAN MESZAROS


“What emphasis do you feel is placed on content by screen suppliers, CMS vendors, end-users, consumers?”

Content is King,” and “Right Message, Right Place” are common punch lines used by everyone from screen suppliers to CMS Vendors…well almost everyone, as there are a few exceptions. Perhaps it took a pandemic for the industry to understand the critical importance of visual communication and design. In years prior, it seemed there was less emphasis on creating meaningful content and more focus on the tools and pretty widgets behind the scenes. Finally, after all the years of collective preaching by my agency, colleagues we are starting to see the pendulum swing towards the understanding that “design matters.” What does concern me moving forward is establishing a higher value on the creation of content. With the lack of emphasis over the past years, I believe it has made it difficult for agencies to ask for fair value given there was more emphasis on technology than design. 

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