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“What emphasis do you feel is placed on content by screen suppliers, CMS vendors, end-users, consumers?”

Unfortunately, on the hardware and software manufacturer’s side, content can still be considered an afterthought, although it has gotten better over the last few years. The reason that digital signage exists is to communicate advertising and in-house messaging, so content should always be the first part of every project discussion, not the last.

End-users who are providing the investment understand well that they aren’t out to just spend money on technology. They have communication challenges to solve, and content drives that with hardware and software providing the muscle to get there. Digital signage technology companies succeed when they understand content is why we’re all here. Content can be subjective, even mysterious at times, and when it’s great, it delivers amazing return on investment.

Consumers don’t care about the technology driving the experience. They are viewing and reacting to the content, which needs to be relevant and memorable. Technology is like the soundtrack to a movie. When it’s good, you don’t notice it. When it’s perfect, it improves the entire experience.

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