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“What emphasis do you feel is placed on content by screen suppliers, CMS vendors, end-users, consumers?”

The Importance of Content

Digital experiences play a vital role in helping to build brand loyalty and influence purchase decisions. There is no denying that we have all shifted to a digital-first society. Traditional advertising agencies fight to remain relevant and evolve their solutions to be less traditional and more digitally focused. Society looks to online and digital channels to access information, education, news and shop. While online social media solutions and providers are very quick to evolve and adapt to the various new social media tools and apps, they also completely understand the importance of creating and sharing targeted and relevant content. It really is all about the content. Leaders in content and cloud-based creative tools like Adobe have made a full commitment to their cloud based omnichannel content ecosystem, “Adobe Experience Manager.” This is now the main go-to market aspect for Adobe. With acquisitions of Magento, a leading e-commerce CMS tool and new solutions to publish content in just about every channel, Adobe understands the importance of content.

So why is it that at-location digital experience providers are still so slow to adapt the way they position themselves and the importance they place on content? This is primarily because many of these providers specialize in hardware or software, so content has just been a necessary evil for them. This issue has been a long-standing industry obstacle to success. Brand marketers are looking to deliver engaging experiences for their consumers, and are rarely concerned with the highest resolution display or highest rated feature first. This is why industry collaboration is so vital – and why more emphasis must be placed on the viewer’s experience, which of course relies on the content. Collaboration is key to success on any project, but must be led first by the experience strategy and then the content. Only then will our industry mature and deliver at its full potential.

The good news is that things are improving. The days of hanging a screen on a wall just for the sake of technology are long gone. Screen suppliers are in a constant rush to match and exceed their competitors in innovation, price and technology and regularly release improved products due not only to fierce competition, but also the fact that more competitive suppliers emerge each year. 

Screen suppliers have done their best to even incorporate simple on-board CMS solutions and also partner with CMS suppliers to help integrate their software solutions into the screens and reduce the costs of hardware. But now, we are starting to also see screen suppliers collaborating and bringing in strategic content and experience design partners in on their opportunities to better relate to the needs of the brands. 

At iGotcha, we have seen a very large increase in this form of refreshing collaboration. We partner with the leading screen technology companies to help provide strategically focused content-first approaches to brands and end user customers. We constantly modernize our software solutions to integrate seamlessly in different displays and players. More importantly however, we look beyond the in-store and to the entire digital path to purchase or path to brand advocacy. This involves online, mobile, out-of-home and at-location digital. We let experience and content strategy lead every solution we propose. We look to omnichannel content approaches to maximize reach. This has allowed us to become a partner of choice to the leading technology and screen technology companies. This type of approach and collaboration with technology providers and screen technology leaders has helped mature not just our agency, but the entire digital experience industry. While we still have a long way to go, things are improving at an exponential rate. As companies begin to digitally transform, technology companies are learning to experientially transform. These two trajectories will soon converge, and content will take a front row seat in this journey.

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