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“How is your network planning to address GDPR/CCPA?”

This officially qualifies as the one time we’re glad PATTISON Outdoor does not operate outside of Canada!  Seriously though, privacy is a massive concern of ours, even if Canadian legislation is not yet as sophisticated and demanding as Europe’s or California’s. The fact is, it is only a matter of time before our federal government requires more stringent guidelines and laws around data privacy and the prevalent ‘”surveillance economy.”

It’s with this in mind that PATTISON is doing all that’s possible to ‘self-regulate’ and be as transparent and forthcoming regarding the issues that GDPR addresses – regardless of Government actions. This includes working closely with landlords to provide full transparency on all counting (AVA or otherwise) technology that we use for measurement.  It also involves demanding strict anonymization of data sources when working with third-parties, and being very involved in the industry efforts around the technology.

PATTISON believes very strongly that the key to the public’s acceptance of these technologies is transparency and 100 percent honesty. We’re counting and researching – not tracking and stalking. There is a big difference between the two, and we feel that it’s vital we act that way and communicate that message.

Outdoor is the most transparent of media these days – no “click bots,” nothing below the fold… the worst we have is a tree in front of the billboard, or a broken display (which we report to clients). It places us in a much less controversial category than online, and we see with new programmatic technologies, the “cleanness” of our medium can stand above and steal digital market share.  We do that by being honest. It’s a belief of our founder, Jimmy Pattison, and of all the executive management team here. 

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