ASK THE BOARD: The Psychology of Digital Signage Content

How has psychology and understanding the human brain helped to inform your content approaches?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Dr. Elizabeth Cornell

“We subconsciously use bias all the time to make choices and navigate information we are exposed to through other people and our environment. Broadly speaking, bias is a general pattern or a tendency to think in a certain way. “
Director of Internal Communications
Fordham IT

Read the Answer by Dave Dolejsi

“We learned early on that, if we were to create content for an often soundless medium that audiences were usually only glancing at, we needed some insight into how to cheat the human system.”
Associate Vice President – Content Strategy
St. Joseph Communications

Read the Answer by Steve Glancey

“The psychological/human brain stat I continually go back to is a research study conducted by statisticbrain. The study shows us that … “
Vice President Business Development – Screenfeed Content

Read the Answer by Bryan Meszaros

“Without question, having a better understanding of the human psyche is invaluable to the way in which we produce content. It provides us with an understanding of how humans react to color and various visual cues.”
CEO & Founder – OpenEye

Read the Answer by Jim Nista

“Understanding human behavior is key to creating both advertising and informational content. With advertising content, there’s often a need to create an emotional connection between a brand and the consumer.”
Senior Director of Content Creation Services, Almo Pro AV



Read the Answer by Marcos Terenzio

“As part of our delivery of fully integrated brand experiences, my digital experience teams employ a design thinking methodology, which is founded on human-centered design. This is the process by which, before we can create content or deliver an experience, we must first understand …”
Vice President, Creative & Strategy – iGotcha Media

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