ASK THE BOARD: The Resurgence of Near Field Communication?

How will Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity change digital signage in the next five years?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Jon Cheatwood

“The Tom Cruise future movie Minority Report displayed quite a bit of future tech. NFC has the potential to bring yet another of those movie predictions to real life, allowing end users to connect with app users on screen, greet them by name and …”
AV Technician
University of Notre Dame

Read the Answer by Ian Dallimore

“Near Field Communication is a technology standard based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that does not require an internal power source to function and can transmit information wirelessly over small distances.”
Vice President of Digital Growth – Lamar Advertising Company

Read the Answer by Paul Fleuranges

“The other day I was at a manufacturer’s showroom and asked them that very same question. It was clear to me from the products they featured that NFC isn’t going anywhere soon. As more and more of us start carrying bank cards … “
SVP, Marketing
Pearl Media

Read the Answer by Ian Gadsby

“NFC is an interesting technology in the Out-Of-Home space. It offers some great creative possibilities in the form of tap-to-engage type campaigns. For example, a tap could bring you to a website where you are provided … “
Vice President, Digital Technology and Operations
PATTISON Outdoor Advertising

Read the Answer by Chris Mackenzie

“The key limiting factors for NFC adoption have historically been the fact that 1), the iPhone did not support it and 2), a compelling use case that appealed to consumers. Now that the new iPhones support NFC, everything is new again.”
Vice President of Digital Advertising Operations
Clear Channel Outdoor

Read the Answer by Dileep Varma

“Both NFC and digital signage technology have been around for several years, but have yet to find a seriously integrated use case. In the next few years, as social advertising gains momentum, we could see a couple of very specific and innovative integration points.”
Head of Product Development and Operations
Outcome Health

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