Briefly, can you outline what an RFP and the corresponding proposal ideally looks like?
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“The RFP (Request for Proposal) is the guiding document in any digital signage project. It should completely outline the scope of work, scale of the project, and customer expectations.”
Principal – Brawn Consulting

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  1. The format and structure of an RFP is less important than the precision of the questions. An effective digital signage RFP should be concise and focused rather than all-encompassing. All too often, companies issue RFPs that are way too broad and ambiguous to solicit truly meaningful responses from vendors. They try to cast a wide net and capture all possible information. The result is often a hugely diverse range of responses reflecting each vendor’s best interpretation of what the RFP is really asking for.

    When issuing an RFP for digital signage-related products and services, the issuing company should invest the time to define the truly critical information – be it technical, operational, price, etc. – and craft the RFP questions to solicit specific, narrowly-focused responses from each vendor. This will support a true “apples to apples” comparison of each respondent’s answers and make the job of reviewing all those answers much easier.

    As with most projects, investing the appropriate planning effort will save time in the long run and help insure that the RFP process yields the desired results.

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