ASK THE BOARD: When to Replace a Display?

How do you determine when a display needs to be replaced due to visual degradation?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Ian Gadsby

“This is a tough one. When determining when to replace a display, it’s a battle between Operations (me) and the CFO (them).”
Vice President of Digital Technology

Read the Answer by Chris Mackenzie

“The key determination for when a display is no longer usable is when it can’t maintain its day- one brightness. We do not run our displays at full brightness.”
Vice President of Digital Advertising Operations
Clear Channel Outdoor

Read the Answer by Dileep Varma

“This answer is provided specifically around the replacement needs of television units that we use as display devices due to visual degradation.”
Head of Product Development and Operations
Outcome Health

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  1. In the case of digital signage I suggest considering “a display” as a single very large display like a LED video wall or a display network, ie using multiple LCD displays. There are various reasons for considering or planning replacement:
    – Brightness, displays are about to fall below acceptable brightness levels;
    – Reliability, displays are approaching the end of expected operating life (presumably outages are unacceptable), the backlight and power supplies are likely to be the main lifetime constraints for a display and any mechanical parts like fans and hard-disks may have shorter life expectancy;
    – Operating cost savings from a new network justify the replacement.

    Another factor is display network expansion. It may make sense to replace the original installation if a network expansion will use different new displays with more advanced capabilities, with old displays it may results in working to the lowest common denominator in a display network.

    One of the challenges is the lead time for replacement, so letting things fail is very unlikely to be the best approach for deciding when to replace a display in a digital signage installation.

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