AT&T Flagship Store Installs Panorama Screen at Entrance


AT&T’s flagship store, located in downtown San Francisco, has captured the attention of consumers and the digital world. A 40-foot by 6-foot curved digital panorama screen captivates AT&T customers by displaying creative content, inviting them to experience the latest technologies and setting the tone for the store experience.

Nominating Company: MaxMedia, Atlanta, Georgia
Venue: AT&T One Powell Entry Panorama, Atlanta, Georgia
Project: AT&T Flagship Store
Category: Retail

MaxMedia was asked to take the lead in developing creative content for the digital entry panorama in AT&T’s new flagship store in San Francisco. The digital imagery displayed on the panorama set the tone for the store upon entry. MaxMedia kept in mind the value in the unique and iconic location, the culture and stories of the community and the AT&T brand while in the development stages of planning for the entrance. It was also important to ensure that the store reflected Silicon Valley’s expectations, authenticity and entertainment while maintaining high standards, making it difficult to replicate for competitors and the inspired.

Though the MaxMedia team was met with challenges, they were able to create opportunity and solutions. Some of the challenges consisted of AT&T’s need for astonishing and unparalleled content that reflected the San Francisco culture while staying true to the AT&T brand standards. San Francisco, a city known for its creativity, eclectic architecture and the latest technologies produced out of Silicon Valley, was the ideal location for AT&T to introduce their newest products to consumers. However, it was difficult for MaxMedia to have restrictions when there were infinite creative possibilities for the region. MaxMedia had to find a way to effortlessly join the two worlds of creative technology and corporate regulations in order for the atmosphere to be customer friendly and for their customers to feel the products in the store were tangible.

The challenges and restrictions were overcome by using San Francisco as inspiration. In order to satisfy the need for the creative content displayed on the panorama, MaxMedia teamed up with Joshua Davis, a well-known technology artist. Together, they set out on a San Francisco photo shoot spanning more than 43 locations in the city over the course of two days. The initiative helped gather images that expressed the raw and rich culture of the beautiful city. MaxMedia’s creative team was able to successfully blend the captivating imagery with the AT&T brand guidelines, resulting in awe-inspiring panorama content. The panorama displays motion art by combining color, animation, shape, photos and video clips into a seamless construct that unfolds into three stories: Entertainment, Connected Life and Local Arts & Culture.

AT&T Flagship Store PanoramaRESULTS
In order to measure the impact of the entry for customers, AT&T conducted focus groups prior to the opening of the store. Asked to give feedback, participants were shown some of the images taken by Joshua Davis and the MaxMedia creative team that would possibly be displayed on the digital entry screen. The reactions to the images were positive, and AT&T felt the responses concluded that their goals were accomplished. Examples of the responses participants made consisted of, “That video screen is mesmerizing. You would just go to the store just to see it” and “The creative is never the same thing. It is definitely something you would bring visitors to see.”

Joshua Davis – Technology Artist

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  1. It would be nice if these stories included more technical information: What specific screens, mounts, software, etc did they use?

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