AT&T Uses Digital Content to Showcase Samsung Galaxy Alpha


MaxMedia created unique digital content for AT&T’s Michigan Avenue Flaghship Store known as “Alpha.” The content featured Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha phone highlighting its unique design and robust features. The digital content offered information about the phone in a comfortable manner without feeling overly promotional.

Nominating Company: MaxMedia, Atlanta, Georgia
Venue: AT&T Michigan Avenue Flagship Store and AT&T Stores of the Future (Alpha), Chicago, Illinois
Project: AT&T Michigan Avenue Flagship Store and AT&T Stores of the Future (Alpha)
Category: Retail

AT&T charged MaxMedia with developing eye-catching content to run in their Michigan Avenue store to promote Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha phone. The goal was to educate consumers about the slim design and tech features without being too promotional. Targeted at fashion conscious females, we needed to communicate the elegance and beauty of the device. AT&T hoped to drive awareness and communicate in a fun and entertaining way the product’s features and engage consumers in an enjoyable shopping experience. Targeted at fashion savvy females, the goal was to attract attention to the device’s elegant features.

The challenge for MaxMedia was to effectively educate the consumer on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha with digital content that was engaging and useful without being too promotional. The content would be streaming on large video displays in-store so it needed to be informational and beautiful and also stay within the brand guidelines for both AT&T and Samsung. There were many moving parts to the campaign to consider during development.

MaxMedia’s animation team created content showcasing the features of the product and engaged consumers in a comfortable way. Designed around a fashion runway, the Alpha struts its stuff under the glare of stage lights. Consumers could view the product imagery on digital screens and then interact with the product in the store at their leisure. The environment was relaxed and made customers feel at home.

Customers understood the key features of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone, and the entire experience was in a shopping environment that was enjoyable and innovative. Sales were robust and the store saw an immediate sales lift while the campaign was running.

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