AT&T’s Digital Signage Takeover


MaxMedia designed creative that was a “takeover” of AT&T’s digital screens and created a “cleansing moment” in the store. Every 35 minutes, a 60-second video stream rolls through the store that is a very simple design, and it changes the look and feel of the store, while transitioning from one promotional message to another.  

Nominating Company: MaxMedia, Atlanta, Georgia
Venue: AT&T Michigan Avenue Flagship Store, Chicago, Illinois
Project: AT&T Michigan Avenue Flagship Store Retail Takeover
Category: Retail

AT&T was looking for a cleansing moment, an opportunity to remind customers that they are immersed in the AT&T experience.  MaxMedia considered how customers interact with all the different technologies in the store and designed a new method for the message to change in a way that provides a unique transition.   

Taking over the entire store with this digital event required synchronizing all the experiences and rendering a result that is 75,000 pixels wide — an immense challenge for both the animation, render and deploy.

MaxMedia created a takeover of the screens that “cleansed” the store during a 60-second content transition. The creative is very simple but is timed perfectly so that it “washes” over the store as it takes over the screens every half hour or so. It is unique, and fresh and transitions the messaging in a very different way.  The water color design calms in a zen-like way, accompanied by a very naturalistic and environmental audio track   

The key result was that customers feel they are engaging with an innovative brand when they see unique digital messaging and unique use of the screens in-store. Customers enjoy the in-store experience and spend more time in-store because they are entertained and enjoy the environment. The transition cuts down on the clutter as the message changes in-store and gives the store a fresh look at the same time. The 35 -minute interval ensures that most every customer will experience the takeover just once during their time in the store.

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