Audio Visual Solutions Provider, IVCi, Discusses 5 AV Trends Businesses Can Leverage for 2020


HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Jan. 27, 2020 — As the new year gets underway, businesses should be looking into how they can upgrade their AV systems. There are a lot of recent advancements that can streamline and protect technology systems. Based on industry trends, there are a few things businesses can expect to see a rise in popularity that can help them improve their operations.

Audio visual solutions provider, IVCi, discusses five AV trends businesses can leverage for 2020.

  1. 5GThe fifth generation of cellular networks is expected to allow for faster download speeds. Sharing content during a video conference or between offices will be easier than before. It will also revolutionize digital signage and enhance personalized content and content performance.
  2. WiFi 6. For companies with heavy bandwidth use, WiFi 6 will improve speed and decrease congestion. WiFi 6 also enables simultaneous upload and download for multiple users with multiple inputs and outputs. This will help improve performance when hosting multiple devices, and in the live events sector.
  3. Edge Computing. Edge computing is said to enhance efficiency, improve performance, and reduce unplanned downtime. By computing data at the edge of the network rather than a centralized server, the information won’t be sitting in the cloud. For personalized digital signage and presentations, privacy concerns are lessened and performance is more reliable.
  4. Fewer inputs and outputs. Single, easy to access connections are set to replace multiple buttons and wires. It will be simpler and quicker than ever to connect devices and give presentations or start video conferences.
  5. Automation. Advances in automated control systems are making them easier and less expensive to install. These systems don’t have to be extensive to save time and trouble. Occupancy sensors, one touch buttons, or “power when connected” solutions can all make your AV system more intuitive and easier to work with.

These are just a few of the things expected to make major strides in 2020. Businesses that get ahead of the curve and start incorporating these things into their AV plans sooner rather than later will see big improvements across their business operations.

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IVCi is a global technology leader for standardized, yet scalable, collaborative meeting spaces, unified communications, video conferencing, cloud based services and industry leading back-end managed services. We partner with you to set a collaboration & migration strategy, which includes identifying, deploying, and managing the ideal technology mix to improve your business’ bottom line and support the most ambitious ROI models that support and justify your investments.



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