Author Jason Kushner - DSC Digital Content Manager

Jason is a screenwriter, filmmaker, multimedia journalist and editor of Since graduating from the University of South Florida with a journalism degree, Kushner has shot video and written for a myriad of publications and multimedia projects including Creative Loafing Tampa, and His 2009 documentary American Colonies: Collapse of the Bee explored the phenomenon of Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees and the various environmental/economic repercussions. The film became an Official Selection at 12 international film festivals, won Best Documentary at the 2009 Central Florida Film Festival and a John Muir Gold Award at the 2009 Yosemite Film Festival. In 2015, he became editor of Digital Signage Expo’s partner site and has since worked his way up to Digital Content Manager for the Atlanta-based parent company, Exponation.

INSTALLATION OF THE WEEK This playful Out-of-Home (OOH) installation allows the popstar to appear in a mirror as a holographic image that serenades shoppers and other passersby with his signature style.

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James Blunt, the English singer-songwriter and former reconnaissance officer for the British Army who burst onto the international music scene…

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