AV Managed Services Expert, IVCi, Lists and Explains 4 Uses of Digital Signage in Medical Facilities


HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Sept. 25, 2019 — Medical facilities are designed with a lot of considerations in mind, but there’s always room for improvement, even in an innovatively designed healthcare space. Many medical facilities struggle in terms of information distribution, old and outdated technology, and overall patient satisfaction. If there was a solution for all of these common issues, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to solve them? Well, the answer to these problems lies in digital signage. AV managed services expert, IVCi, lists and explains 4 uses of digital signage in medical facilities that can help you tackle these problems. Read on to find out why.

  1. Hospital Directory & Information: One of the biggest reasons digital signage adds so much utility to a medical space is because it can be an interactive platform to help patients find their way around large and unfamiliar spaces. A comprehensive hospital map and directory, complete with detailed information regarding what services are offered where, gives patients a be-all, end-all destination for their navigation and service inquiries. Installing digital signage leads to greater patient satisfaction, thanks to fewer misdirected patients and visitors, lowered anxiety, and an effective informational portal to answer patient inquiries.
  2. Interactive Patient Check-In: One of the biggest complaints regarding the medical world is check-in and wait times. Patients are significantly more likely to give a bad review if they must wait for more than 30 minutes for a previously scheduled appointment. Digital signage, in the form of kiosks, can aid with patient check-in, lowering wait times and shortening lines. Providing a spot where tech-savvy patients can take care of their check-in business quickly and efficiently gives them a higher locus of control and thus higher overall satisfaction with their healthcare experience.
  3. Emergency Response: Digital signage is an amazing tool on a day-to-day basis, but where it truly shines is in an emergency. An emergency notification, followed by instructions for evacuation or otherwise, can be immediately directed to patients and staff across the hospital in seconds and be presented on every digital sign in the building. This kind of immediate emergency response can reduce patient anxiety and effectively inform staff of their own instructions at the same time, all while also potentially saving lives.
  4. Digital Menus: Utilizing digital signage has another great benefit for hospitals: less paper! Improving your space’s technology not only will make the whole facility feel and look modern, but it’ll provide an informational hub for patients regarding everything from additional health resources to read through, the cafeteria menu that day, and insurance information among many other potential uses. Digital menus provide patients with a place to go for exactly what they’re looking for, without distracting busy healthcare workers.

Digital signage is a phenomenal modern tool for the healthcare industry, and every medical facility should seriously consider ways to incorporate it into their space. If your patients are your first priority, digital signage is your next step.

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