Award-Winning Window Display at Lord & Taylor’s Fifth Avenue


This installation was located at Lord & Taylor’s Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan. Working with Spaeth Design, Gridcast Media Inc. (GMI). created oversized LED backdrops to complement the mechanical art for their window displays. The display helped Lord & Taylor win the prestigious PAVE Award for the best holiday windows in NYC!

Nominating Company: Gridcast Media Inc., Markham, Ontario
Venue: Lord & Taylor Fifth Ave., New York, New York
Project: Lord & Taylor Fifth Ave.
Category: Retail

The main objective was to capture the magic of New York City during the holidays as shoppers walked past the famous Fifth Avenue window displays. Lord and Taylor asked Gridcast Media to help them create a display that would stand out from amongst the crowd along Fifth Avenue and would ultimately stop people in their tracks.

One of the challenges that were faced was the integration of LED displays within the overall holiday window scene design and layout; the dimensions and fit had to be precise. Wooden sculptures and mechanical elements were created by another vendor on this project. This presented another challenge as the 3D animation that Gridcast created had to match the tone that the sculptures presented to the general public. Scheduling and synchronization was a key challenge as GMI had to time its content to be perfectly in sync with the timing of a mechanical Cuckoo clock. All of these challenges also had to be overcome and solutions provided in a very short timeframe.

The GMI team designed and installed LED displays with dimensions of 4.3-meters-wide and 3.8-meters-high and 4.5-meters-wide by 2.5-meters-high respectively. In order to overcome the challenge of synchronization with the mechanical Cuckoo clock, the team was able to install remote monitoring services where they could control the content being displayed on the LED screens from their network operations center facility in Toronto. They were also able to develop custom content that matched the holiday theme created by Lord & Taylor.

This display made huge waves across Manhattan and ultimately resulted in Lord & Taylor winning the award for best holiday windows in New York City. This was the first time in 16 years that Lord & Taylor had won this prestigious award, and it came with outstanding praises from Denis Frenette, Senior Vice President of Merchandise Presentation for Lord & Taylor and the Hudson’s Bay Company.

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