Awarion Launches Centrum, its Digital Signage Platform, to Bolster Programmatic Offering


Programmatic digital out-of-home exchange Awarion has entered the digital signage CMS space with Awarion Centrum.

Founder and CEO Alp Ayhan said that by developing a digital signage player, they are “able to offer a full stack solution” to DOOH publishers. Ayhan said: “Awarion Centrum is an advertising focused digital signage content management platform that our partners are going to love. It comes with comprehensive and simple to use features for scheduling and robust content delivery and will be the SSP part of our stack.”

Awarion has renamed its programmatic exchange to Awarion Junction as a result of growing the product portfolio.

“We will continue to focus on driving growth in programmatic DOOH through our audience data partnerships and dynamic creative focused campaigns in Sweden, Turkey, MENA and Eastern Europe. We’re very proud of our award winning campaigns with brands like HSBC, Red Bull, Ferrero and PepsiCo and we want more publishers to be a part of campaigns to come,” Ayhan continued.

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