Awarion Partners with Bzzt to Offer Programmatic Ads on Electric Pod Taxis


Bzzt pod taxi pic

Awarion has announced a partnership with Bzzt to offer programmatic advertising on top of the Swedish company’s electrically powered pod taxis.

The integration facilitates advertisers to buy digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) media on top of the pod taxis, using Platform 161 demand-side platform.

Bzzt pod taxis are popular among Stockholm residents who call for the environmentally friendly vehicles using the Bzzt app, and carry out trips inside the city.

This is Awarion’s second integration to a Swedish DOOH media owner, with the first being Moving Image. Awarion, a programmatic digital out of home technology company specialising in such integrations, also has access to networks in Africa and Turkey. Alp Ayhan, its founder and CEO, said: “We’re delighted to launch the first version of our integration, which will make it very easy for media agencies and advertisers to place ads on these unique screens.

“We are looking to connect more inventory to our system in Sweden and beyond.” 

Platform 161’s Nordics Managing Director, Carl Liverstam, stated that outdoor advertising has become “much more than static posters” and added: “We are always looking for innovative solutions and locations. In out-of-home advertising, first the surfaces became digital and now they’re digital and programmatic, making more creative and efficient campaigns possible.”

Zacharias Ahlberg, Bzzt’s Sales and Marketing Manager, commented: “Our electric-powered pod taxi cars are driven in the centre of Stockholm and reach out directly to the big city people. No matter where and what you advertise, with Bzzt you also take a stand for the environment.”


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