A&W’s Maple Chipotle Digital Menu Boards Target Millennials


Cineplex Digital Media is the sole provider of digital menu boards for A&W Food Services of Canada Inc., by transforming static menu boards with custom video content and intelligent creative. The “Maple Chipotle” digital menu board campaign was designed to promote the featured in-restaurant products and drive incremental sales.

Nominating Company: Cineplex Digital Media, Toronto, ON, Canada
Venue: A&W Food Services of Canada, Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Project: The “Maple Chipotle” Digital Menu Board Campaign
Category: Food & Beverage

A&W was looking for in-restaurant communications to support the limited-time offer (LTO) of Maple Chipotle Mama, Papa and Grandpa Burgers aimed at Millennials to drive incremental sales.

The challenge was maximizing the digital real-estate to help communicate additional information to guests in a way that A&W’s printed menu boards couldn’t, while reinforcing an energetic and lively aesthetic style that is attractive towards Millennial guests.

A&W’s Maple Chipotle Digital Menu Boards Target MillennialsSOLUTIONS
The overall strategy was to promote the Maple Chipotle Burgers on the A&W digital menu boards utilizing the Cineplex Digital Media inPulse CMS platform capabilities, strategic content creation and scheduling to reinforce an energetic and lively aesthetic style.

Leveraging A&W’s social media material combined with high impact visuals on A&W’s digital menu boards, three distinct creative executions were launched in the restaurant:

1. Line Item Animation: Mama, Papa and Grandpa Burgers images on the menu boards would flip and reveal the LTO, drawing attention to the products.

2. Full-Screen Promotional Spot: Bringing the Maple Chipotle Burgers to life

3. Harmonized Takeover Content: Designed to play across all four digital menu boards displays throughout the day

The Maple Chipotle Burgers digital menu board execution led to an astonishing increase in the gap between average units sold among the group of restaurants with digital menu boards and average units sold among the group of restaurants with print menu boards.

The Maple Chipotle Burgers campaign received positive attention and feedback from A&W.

“The resulting creative is refreshing, creative, innovative and disruptive. People noticed in a great way.”


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