Ayuda Launches New Company: AYUDA[x]


Ayuda Systems (“Ayuda”), a global software leader for out-of-home advertising announced today at DMEXCO 2016 that it has introduced a new company called AYUDA[x](https://www.ayudax.com).

AYUDA[x]is location martech company that helps marketers target consumers by delivering ads to mobile devices and DOOH screens by analyzing massive geospatial datasets to understand where consumers are, where they have been, and where they are going.

Andreas Soupliotis, CEO of both Ayuda and AYUDA[x]commented “Digital marketers are increasingly buying location-based mobile media, and we are intentionally melding DOOH and mobile into one bucket which we refer to as Location”. To accelerate this effort, AYUDA[x]has embraced a go-to-mobile-market strategy that evangelizes the value proposition of cross-screen campaigns to mobile buyers.

“This is a pivot for us” shared Soupliotis. “We’ve spent the past 13 years building a wildly successful ERP and digital signage software business for the OOH sell-side. Now we’re adding mobile as a first class citizen to our programmatic tech stack, and AYUDA[x]is working directly with marketers and digital agencies on the buy side.”

AYUDA[x]is backed by a platform that includes a cross-screen ad server that can seamlessly shift mobile impressions to DOOH screens in real-time. The platform analyzes massive spatiotemporal datasets and uses geo-fences to tag devices that are physically observed in places of interest. It delivers ads in real-time to mobile apps on devices while inside the geo-fences, and retargets those same devices after they leave the geo-fences on both mobile apps and DOOH screens.

The platform accesses data feeds from a variety of sources ranging from mobile exchanges & cellular to beacons. Algorithms optimize, in real-time, how creative is moved around screens, both mobile and DOOH.

Soupliotis finalized: “We’ve finally cracked location-based mobile marketing. Digital marketers are now empowered to target their desired audience based on past and present location, which is, after all, the ultimate cookie.”

About AYUDA[x]Inc.
AYUDA[x]is a marketing technology company that helps marketers target consumers based on where they are and places they’ve been. AYUDA[x]consists of a platform and a go-to-mobile market strategy. The full ad tech stack platform includes an SSP for DOOH media owners, an ad exchange, a DOOH ad server, and a cross-screen DSP.

Please see https://www.ayudax.com for more details.

About Ayuda Systems Inc.
Ayuda Systems (“Ayuda”) is a global software leader specializing in software for out-of-home media operators. Ayuda is the creator of the Ayuda Platform, software used globally by some of the largest OOH companies in the world to manage day-to-day operations. It includes an ERP specially built for OOH and a digital signage platform that powers some of the world’s largest and most prestigious DOOH screens.


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