B-Deploy Integration Makes it Even Easier to add a BrightSign Player to Your Signagelive Solution


B-Deploy is an API provided by BrightSign that allows solution providers such as Signagelive to automatically provision media player applications onto the BrightSign hardware. From Monday 3rd December all the user needs to do is set up the player in Signagelive using the hardware serial number and power on the BrightSign player with a blank SD card and that’s it! The player is pre-activated and ready to receive published content click here to find out more.

Our User Interface makes it possible to configure players individually or at scale in a single operation, meaning that deployment of large-scale networks has never been easier. Prior to the formal launch of the integration, we were able to utilise B-Deploy with one of our key clients, and we were able to remotely set up 200 players within a matter of minutes rather than days.

Our integration with B-Deploy also allows a number of configuration variables to be set on the BrightSign player, such as wireless network, time zone, resolution, orientation and video output mode. Each player can have different settings depending on the environment and location they are to be deployed.

This integration has a number of key advantages to our customers:

  • Simplicity. No longer do files have to be manually copied to an SD card.
  • Multiple players can be set up in a single step and pre-activated, meaning that players can be shipped to end locations with zero human interaction and automatically provisioned when installed.
  • Player settings can be defined in a CSV file and uploaded to Signagelive making the process even easier, particularly at scale.

Marc Benson, CTO, Signagelive

I am excited about the integration of B-Deploy with Signagelive which makes it extremely easy to provision BrightSign players at scale with Signagelive. This is a unique solution provided by BrightSign that we have embraced and developed as a tightly integrated process within Signagelive, building on the high level of support and collaboration we already have with BrightSign.

Jeff Hastings, CEO, BrightSign

We appreciate the hard work that the Signagelive team put into using the platform tools and APIs that we offer. As a company, BrightSign is committed to providing the best technology and best user experience for the digital signage industry, and that means complete integrations with partners at all levels.


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