Balancing In-Store Brand Positioning with Sales Content


Convergencia Digital Signage deployed and managed M!TV DS’s in-store channel. With more than 250 stores countrywide, Musimundo is a leading retail company in Argentina. It is the first company in the category that innovated in 2011 with a digital signage deployment, starting with 2,000 displays and counting. Today, there are more than 6,000.

Nominating Company: Convergencia Digital S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina
Venue: Musimundo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Project: M!TV 3.0: The Content Paradox in Retail Digital Signage
Category: Retail

Consumer electronics is a mature and competitive business, demanding continuous innovation. Technology is gaining space in brick & mortar stores for customer engagement and experience improvement to maximize business results. In this context, Musimundo continues innovating and leading the segment.

Musimundo and the Young & Rubicam agency defined a new brand strategy based on the entertainment experience as a part of the customer’s process, incorporating technology and entertainment products to improve the daily life experience.

Musimundo started their business in the music industry in the 90s, and 20 years later, they transformed their business paradigm by incorporating a wider offer of technology + home appliances + content, offering a different approach than other consumer electronics stores.

Musimundo had the challenge of communicating a wide range of products from personal devices and gadgets to home electronics and entertainment to content, increasing the brand spirit and pushing sales for the most profitable electronic product lines at the same time.

Since 2011, when Musimundo TV was launched, there has always been the challenge of mixing content streams. How does one meet customers’ needs when their business demands both a lot of branded content that eats up a lot of available air time and balance that with calls to action to push up-sale and cross-sale in the store? More offers or more content? Brand positioning or sales push? That is the question.

This new content paradigm requires a technology that allows for the overlay of two different programmed content streams—the background video for engagement, and the overlay appearing in the front line. The Convergencia DS Streems solution allows dynamic content to be displayed in different layers, allowing the online offering to be published in real time over the background content.

The Convergencia DS Streems solution allows M!TV to bring strategic content (offer, upselling, cross-selling) and entertainment (gaming, music, movies) together. This increases the in-store experience and engages the customer with the brand spirit, lowering the production costs.

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