Banco Azteca Claims World’s Largest Centralized Video Wall Network


PromoEspacio achieved the installation of 534 Video Walls in “Banco Azteca” branches. These video walls are formed by three full-HD monitors, achieving a final resolution of 5760 x 1080. Management is in charge of a centralized digital-signage platform developed by PromoEspacio, making this project the largest Video Wall network in the world.

Nominating Company: PromoEspacio, Mexico City, Mexico
Venue: Banco Azteca Video Wall Network, Mexico City, Mexico
Project: Banco Azteca Video Wall Network
Category: Business & Government Services

As an innovative way to entertain “Banco Azteca” customers and implement an ad base Video Wall Network, PromoEspacio started to install a 3 x 1 Video Wall in 534 “Banco Azteca” bank branches around Mexico in November 2015.

This video wall has certain unique characteristics like an audio sensor for an automatic volume control based on environmental noise, a webcam installed in the top of the video wall for interaction with the customers through Augmented Reality and a custom video wall mount that allows easy maintenance with an innovative pull-out system.

All the content is developed by PromoEspacio, and every bank branch has its own content delivered by the centralized digital signage platform that allows a segmented content distribution.

With 534 video walls installed, PromoEspacio achieved the implementation of the largest centralized video wall network in the world (Guinness Record Award in process).

Banco Azteca picCHALLENGES
The architecture was different in every bank branch. The video wall mount had to be installed on the top of the bank bunker, and sometimes, the height wasn’t enough. Also, there were preexisting electricity cables, data cables and air condition ducts that troubled the installation.

The installation schedule was short. The biggest sales temporary was close, and a lot of the equipment was imported. The logistics demanded that the installation kit arrive three days after the installation team.

Even some equipment was stolen during transportation, and in foreign cities, the absence of materials delayed the installation for days.

The video wall architecture needed a special mount. This mount had to be modular, so the transportation would be easier and it had to allow for easy maintenance.

An invitation was launched to many mount manufacturers. They all presented their own solution for the project needs. After tests and pilots, the best mount was chosen. This mount can be easily transported, and it can be installed in almost every planned branch. It has a pull-out system that allows only one or two technicians to apply maintenance labor.

This mount also contains other additional equipment in the monitors, the player, a regulator, the sound sensor and the webcam. The speakers were located above the row of customers, so everyone can listen perfectly to the audio content.

It takes 41 teams formed by three to four technicians to accomplish the installation in scheduled time.

Today, the 534 video walls generate an average of 1,600 advertising impressions for each branch, and a total of 854,400 advertising impacts every day. It’s the perfect media to show cultural content that turns the wait time into productive time.

For all customers, these video walls symbolize trust, security, disposition and agility, concepts linked to modern innovation, and it is this trust that encourages the brands and communication offered by the content. Until now, this video wall network has broadcasted 1,701 advertising campaigns, with a total profit of $5,436,200.

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