Bank of America Travel Spot Boosts Rewards Application Rate


Last winter, more than 2,000 Bank of America financial centers enjoyed an unseasonable uptick in applications for the BankAmericard Travel Rewards credit card thanks in part to a compelling DCN spot encouraging customers to apply. The limited-time promotion achieved impressive recall, increased card activations and rave associate reviews.

Nominating Company: Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina
Venue: Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina
Project: 2015 Travel Limited Time Promotion
Category: Business & Government Services

During the doldrums of winter, the thoughts of vacations and warmer destinations brighten the days of our target customers. So our creative featured colorful, arresting, inspirational travel imagery in combination with comfy red sling chairs featuring a subtle Bank of America ‘Flag-scape’ to break through and connect with our task-driven customers. This helped us to meet our two primary goals:
1. Drive awareness and excitement around the breadth of travel card options that Bank of America offers
2. Engage customers in conversations with associates to determine the right card for them

Unlike typical “retailers,” Financial Center customers are not shopping; they’re running an errand. They are on routine, task-driven missions, and their goal is to get in and get out as quickly as possible. Creative must be breakthrough, fresh and engaging to capture a customer’s attention.

The market is also flooded with travel rewards offers, so standing out and differentiating ourselves was a key consideration. This promotion needed to stand out from the branch’s quarterly campaign, but still stay within the established credit card product brand guidelines.

For travel rewards customers, it’s not about the chase of the points. It’s helping them get to the places they want to go as soon as possible. The creative connected our customers’ vacation dreams to our products to help make them a reality.

Keying in on this customer insight was critical for the BankAmericard Travel Rewards credit card, as one of the main frustrations customers have with travel cards is dealing with limits on how they earn and use their points.

Hard-hitting messaging like “Get here sooner” accompanied with the backdrop of a gorgeous tropical
destination addressed these frustrations head-on. And a strong benefit to “earn unlimited 1.5 points for every $1 spent on all purchases” reinforced Bank of America’s unlimited points offering.

The use of the sling chairs from scene to scene provided a consistent “red thread” that engaged the viewer from beginning to end.

This travel campaign, in combination with the complementary static messaging, represents a triple win for Bank of America.

First, our Voice of Customer research measured 30 percent total recall of the messaging, which is three times higher than the 2014 program. Almost half of those surveyed (43 percent) rated travel messages as relevant. “Get a yearly companion fare plus 25,000 Bonus Miles” rose to the top.

Second, card activations increased 13.9 percent for the BankAmericard Travel Rewards credit card and a whopping 73.3 percent lift for partner cards, compared to prior monthly averages.

Third, Bank of America associates rated this travel program as 2015’s best performing program to generate customer sales conversations.

Today, this program is referenced by the Bank of America marketing department as the “Gold Standard” for future limited-time promotional work.

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