Barco to Display New RGB Laser-Illuminated Video Wall at DistribuTECH 2017


Barco, a provider of networked control room visualization solutions, will showcase its new RGB laser-illuminated video wall, representing a vast improvement over today’s current LED-lit rear projection solutions by delivering superior image quality, higher reliability, and longer lifetime at a lower total cost of ownership. A giant leap forward in video wall technology, the RGB laser display will be accompanied by Barco’s OpSpace personalized visual workspace and other T&D visualization solutions in the Barco booth #3537 at DistribuTECH 2017 in San Diego, California from January 31-February 2.

“The RGB Laser for 24/7 Control Rooms is truly a giant leap forward in video wall technology, over-achieving current LED-lit video wall performance with twice the brightness and triple the energy efficiency, delivering superior, consistent image quality at the lowest possible cost,” comments Hans Dekeyser, Vice President Strategic Marketing – Industry & Government for Barco.

Superior Image Quality And Reliability

The RGB Laser for 24/7 Control Rooms (ODL-721 video wall) represents the pinnacle of image quality, reliability and lifetime for a low total cost of ownership. Compared to today’s LED-lit rear projection video walls, the ODL-721 over-achieves in 7 categories:

  • 2X higher brightness
  • 2X more focus and contrast
  • 25% less power consumption
  • 3X energy efficiency
  • 25% longer lifetime
  • 50% less effort required for installation
  • Wider viewing angles

More industry-leading collaborative visualization solutions on display at DistribuTECH. OpSpace Visual Workspace

OpSpace provides operators with a personalized, concurrent view of applications, remote desktops, and video streams, freely combining them onto a single pixel space spanning multiple displays on the operator’s desk within easy reach. Operators sit comfortably at the center of control with fast, secure access via one mouse and keyboard to all applications, viewing a complete overview of the situation—from detailed network distribution information to topological overviews of the service area—to speed analysis and decision-making.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

CMS advanced control room management suite software powers flexible display wall management and efficient collaboration offering operators a convenient way to share screens and perspectives to improve the quality and speed of decision-making in and beyond the control room.



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