Barco’s Family of Narrow-Bezel LCD Video Walls Couple the Traditional Advantages of Tiled LCD Video Walls


Barco has announced a new product in its super-narrow bezel LCD video wall portfolio. The OverView HVD5521 is Barco’s tiled LCD video wall to date, offering operators a stunning visual experience. Designed for use in control rooms, the HVD features boost reliability, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and minimize maintenance needs.

Barco’s family of narrow-bezel LCD video walls couple the traditional advantages of tiled LCD video walls – excellent image quality, minimum space requirement, and an advantageous price setting – with innovations to ensure availability and optimize TCO. Its extremely narrow total bezel width of only 1.8 mm (measured between screens) enhances the visual consistency of the video wall, making it better suited for content that spans multiple displays.

Because control rooms are highly critical environments, uptime of all components needs to be assured. This means that not only must component failure be avoided, but also that maintenance time must be kept to a minimum. To counter the classic problem with color and brightness level shifts in LCD video walls, Barco developed the unique Sense X automatic color and brightness calibration system based on integrated color sensors. This technology automatically balances the video wall at all times, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming manual calibration. This not only optimizes uptime, but also contributes to the wall’s low TCO.

Furthermore, the optional redundant external power supply automatically switches to a new unit if one should fail, eliminating downtime due to power supply failure. And because the power supply is located remotely, its maintenance can be performed without disturbing operations. Plus, any staff member (not only certified technicians) can replace a defective power supply unit − so this system also reduces labor cost.


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