Bazaarvoice Reenergizes Austin Headquarters with LG Digital Signage Solution for Enhanced Data Visualization


Goal:  To transform the Bazaarvoice headquarters in Austin, Texas into an inviting, flexible and modern space through the use of a digital signage solution that would serve as both a visual statement and a dashboard of performance that provides guests with real-time, dynamic visual updates on company news and wayfinding information in addition to displaying relevant marketing materials.

Solution: Leading international marketing company, Bazaarvoice, turned to technology partner LG Electronics and full-service audio, video and technology integrator Felix Media Solutions to provide visually stunning digital signage displays that excite and engage casual observers and employees alike. The super-narrow bezel-to-bezel width (less than 0.14 inches or 3.5 millimeters) enabled the seamless connectivity Bazaarvoice sought to create a powerful 3×3 video wall capable of displaying crisp, crystal clear content in full HD.

Results: Since the video wall’s installation, Bazaarvoice has experienced extremely positive feedback from both the employees and visitors who frequent the leading technology provider’s headquarters location in Austin. The implementation of the full HD LG 3×3 video wall enabled Bazaarvoice to elevate its lobby into an immersive and engaging experience that can be easily updated in real time.

The Challenge

Bazaarvoice is a network that connects brands and retailers to the authentic voices of people where they shop. Each month, more than 700 million shopper devices view and share authentic opinions, questions and experiences about tens of millions of products in the Bazaarvoice network.

In order to meet the evolving needs of the headquarters location’s high volume of employees, clients and VIP visitors, Bazaarvoice challenged itself to identify and utilize a digital signage solution that would give real-time updates of crucial information. As an extension of this, the displays would need to possess the ability to accurately and clearly display the rich colors and vivid details necessary for exhibiting graphs and data sets, as well as attention-grabbing wayfinding information, updates and news, even to those who might be positioned at a distance. Even more so, the displays would need to seamlessly connect to one another for a quick, simple installation that would stay within the projected timing of the larger lobby construction and be easy to use afterwards as well.

A Nod to Bazaarvoice Energy and Culture

Bazaarvoice’s technology platform amplifies shopper voices into the places that influence purchasing decisions. Network analytics help marketers and advertisers provide more engaging experiences that drive brand awareness, consideration, sales and loyalty. They were seeking a digital signage solution that complements their own advanced technology and branding expertise.

In a traditional lobby environment, the guest experience is often hindered by dated equipment in uninspiring forms. To avoid this, the Bazaarvoice team was determined to use a large, eye-catching display that would provide clear, bright visuals with vibrant colors.

“We were attracted to the ability to balance color through the LG 55-inch video wall displays, the thinness of the bezels and, of course, the ease in which content can be managed through the displays,” said Lionel Felix, president of Felix Media Solutions Inc.

One of the key factors of the LG 55LV35A video wall displays is LG’s proprietary In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, which helps ensure accurate color saturation and contrast at wide viewing angles. The image provided by LG’s IPS displays is unrivaled when combined with the significant improvements LG has achieved in maintaining brightness uniformity across screens, keeping the edges as bright as the center, and making certain that employees and visitors receive the same quality viewing experience regardless of location within the room.

“The advanced display technology from LG brings fresh new interactive experiences to the main lobby area, reinforcing the open, inviting and collaborative culture at Bazaarvoice,” continued Felix.

Even more so, by employing a back-end computer with full-resolution outputs to ensure the visuals are not scaled, Bazaarvoice is now able to use the LG video wall displays to project pixel-accurate images for an incredibly sharp picture.

Cost-Effectiveness Brings Engagement to Life

Cost efficiency was also a key factor for this project. The Bazaarvoice team knew that, in order to install the 3×3 video wall desired, they’d need to purchase nine sleek 55-inch class panels in addition to employing an integration team to assist with the installation. Felix Media Solutions was able to not only assist with the end user’s research and select a cost-effective solution that met all of the project’s needs, but they also worked tirelessly to ensure the installation was completed in a timely and efficient manner.

After doing extensive research on the digital signage competitive landscape, the Felix team noticed that LG was able to provide a digital signage solution that fit the needs of the project at a price nearly 25 percent less than leading competitors. When the team shared this with Bazaarvoice, the decision became obvious. Being able to provide engaging and prominent visuals in the building’s most high-trafficked area by leveraging industry-leading display technology at an extremely cost-effective price ultimately sealed the deal for Bazaarvoice.

Game-Changing Displays That Are Easy to Install and Easy to Control

Managing an installation in the main entryway of the building required special care and consideration, as the integrators would need to work while employees and visitors continued to use a portion of the space — and they would need to do so quickly. Leveraging the expertise of Felix Media Solutions and LG technology, Bazaarvoice implemented a 3×3 state-of-the-art LG video wall, which uniquely fit the installation environment in the main lobby. The team successfully completed the installation on time thanks to the displays’ effortless connectivity. Using a nine-headed computer to run a signal to each display, the entire video wall easily synced during installation, and required minimal control afterwards by Bazaarvoice staff.

Enhanced Experience That Is Here to Stay

Following the installation of the new 3×3 LG video wall, Bazaarvoice has elevated the lobby experience for all employees and visitors within the company’s headquarters. With sleek LG digital signage arranged in an eye-catching video wall with seamless connectivity, the new display serves as a focal point within the lobby, not only enhancing the room’s décor, but also promptly informing the lobby’s many guests of pertinent wayfinding information, company news and relevant metrics for employees.

Felix Media Solutions and Bazaarvoice were so pleased with the picture quality and functionality of the LG video wall that they also opted to install more than 90 65-inch LG “Commercial Lite” displays (model LG 65540LX) in the conference rooms to create easy-to-use, dual-screen setups for video conferencing.

Since the project’s completion, Bazaarvoice has experienced a flood of positive feedback from both internal and external stakeholders.

“The LG video wall is the first thing you see when entering the Bazaarvoice headquarters,” explained Trey Linney, Senior Systems Engineer at Bazaarvoice. “It was imperative to choose displays for the task at hand, and above all, the right partner for maintaining a high-quality experience while meeting our budgetary requirements. LG was able to do all of this and more, exceeding our expectations.”



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