Beauty Brand Targets Millennials with In-Store Digital Design Language


Innisfree is a Korean beauty retailer that launched two stores in New York in 2018. The mission of the stores was to blend technology seamlessly with the elements and design language of the brand – all to create disruption and forge a connection with a key target, Millennials. Mapos Architects designed the store look and feel, and contracted Creative Realities, Inc. (CRI) to design, deploy and maintain the digital elements for the store.

Nominating Company: Creative Realities, Inc., Louisville, Kentucky
Venue: Innisfree Connected Store, New York, New York
Project: Innisfree Connected Store
Category: Retail Environments

The commercial opportunity for digital was seen as two-fold:

1. Leverage the unique strengths of the store architecture — curved windows and high ceilings — to pull in traffic from one of the busiest shopping intersections in New York City across from Bloomingdales Flagship store on Lexington Avenue and 59th Street
2. Inspire the consumer to explore, fill their basket, and drive transaction value

• To design digital that blended fluidly in a branded environment that’s nature-forward and immersive and utilizes biomimicry as a design language platform
• The digital choices had to feel organic to the space, enabling ecosystem harmony without trying too hard or feeling “teched out”
• CRI was tasked with creating a sense of wonder in a spot where Millennials can interact on their own terms

Innisfree in-store digital pic2SOLUTIONS
The solutions involved integrating digital in each key zone of the store, using a combination of technologies, to engage the customer on the full journey. Technology experiences were carefully selected based on the ability to turn heads, educate, drive trial, or fill the basket. Large-scale 2.5-millimeter pixel LED from Nanolumens was used to deliver the wow factor and pull shoppers in from the street to attract new shoppers. Other solutions included:

-A 5-screen 55-inch high-definition LCD band from NEC – frame synched with BrightSign Enterprise Software – to help bring to life the full color palette of the cosmetic offering

-Projection Technology from NEC on the mezzanine floor is meant for training and experience events

-Screens for product storytelling and devices such as a skin tone detection tool adds a layer of customization and personalization essential for product “fit”

-iPads at the cash wrap capture customer data for CRM efforts.

The store staff has reported really strong foot traffic coming in and has noticed real engagement with the digital tools. Sales associates feel motivated to engage their shoppers and have reported a significant increase in depth of product engagement and value of transaction as a result of all the elements working together to immerse the shopper with meaning and relevance.

CRI was hired by Mapos Architects to deliver design thinking, technology planning and procurement, integration, and software as a service, including content file formatting and maintenance.

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