beMatrix to Introduce LEDskin in the New Product Showcase at EXHIBITORLIVE


LEDskin™ takes event, exhibit and face-to-face marketing presentations to the next level of innovation by combining modular frame systems and LED technology … seamlessly. This creative, new approach incorporates The beMatrix System’s easy, fast and Tooless™ assembly with a highly impactful and fully integrated programmable LED tile. The result is a sleek, flexible and reusable building solution without the complexity or expense of current LED wall construction.

beMatrix® engineers began by designing the LED tile casing to 496mm L x 496mm W x 62mm D, incorporating the exact depth of a b62® beMatrix® frame. Once placed together in a wall, the LEDskin™ tiles automatically align by casing magnets that ensure perfect positioning. Our engineers then designed the tile casing to accept beMatrix® System connectors for an easy and Tooless™ integration of b62® Frame to LEDskin™ tile. Voila!

As with b62® frames, the LEDskin™ tile casing design makes wire management easy in any wall. Using critically located holes at 62mm increments, electrical connections between b62® frames and LEDskin™ tiles are seamless and the wires neatly hidden in the cavity of the 62mm wall depth.

For additional branding opportunities, the LEDskin™ case design provides both SEG fabric and hard panel infill options on the rear. To cover exposed case edges, the b62 Cover Profiles used on the beMatrix® Frame System will transfer seamlessly over to the LEDskin™ edges…just snap the covers on for a clean, consistent look!

When field maintenance is required, individual LED modules and electronics can be accessed, adjusted or replaced from either the front or rear of the video wall. It’s just that easy!

Fast, easy, flexible and Tooless™. It’s in the beMatrix® Frame System. And now it’s in the beMatrix® Frame System with LEDskin™.

Visit booth #1033 at EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 for hands-on examples!

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