Benefits of Digital Signage in the Workplace


Whether it’s an office, factory, retail store, warehouse or any other type of workplace, keeping everyone in the loop is crucial. Ensuring the healthy and effective flow of information throughout all levels of your business leads to better communication and improved cooperation. Without it, mistakes become commonplace, and misunderstandings can fester into conflicts.

There are a number of methods that managers typically use to share information with employees. A sign hanging in the lavatory can remind workers to wash their hands before returning to work. A mass email may announce a sweeping new policy. A social media post might be used to introduce a new hire. What many businesses may not realize is that digital signage can do all this and more.

Many people think of digital signs as customer-facing displays because they’re most often used as menu boards or for advertising purposes. However, there are many reasons why they can be an effective way to communicate with employees. Here are some of the most noteworthy benefits these systems can provide for you and your company:

They’re exciting — Schoolteachers know they need to include visual aids in their lessons because some students learn better when they can connect what they read or hear with pictures or videos. That doesn’t change as we get older. Some people may have difficulty remembering what they read in an email or newsletter. By combining high-quality graphics and animation, a digital sign has a better chance of grabbing the attention of employees and holding it long enough for an important message to be delivered.

They’re interactive — Because they can be updated instantly, digital signage can be a good way to cultivate communication and goodwill between departments or between management and staff. For example, a manager can use a digital sign to highlight a certain employee’s exceptional efforts, with co-workers adding their congratulations to the message. These displays also can be synced with business social media accounts so employees can use hashtags to get their posts featured.

They’re convenient — Although an email may seem like the ideal way to make an announcement to a large group of employees, the truth is that inboxes fill up fast. An important bulletin could be lost in the shuffle or buried in an avalanche of spam. Putting this information front and center on a digital screen that is positioned in a prominent location makes it more likely that it will be seen. Digital signs also can be refreshed frequently to ensure that they continue to capture the attention of employees.

They enhance your corporate culture — Sending a memo to announce that you’ve hired a new CFO is one way to let the staff know about it. But putting your new executive’s face and profile on a big screen means everyone will immediately recognize him or her. Using pictures of your employees helps create a friendlier, more connected workplace. Digital signage can also be used to push inspirational or humorous messages that keep workers motivated and relaxed. By serving as electronic bulletin boards, they keep employees tuned in to what’s going on in the workplace. All employees need to do to learn more about their co-workers is to look up from their desks.

Solutions That Connect Employees

No matter what type of work environment you have, effective communication is one of the best methods for fostering efficiency, morale and overall success. Thanks to its versatility, interactivity and convenience, digital signage can be the ideal solution for connecting with your workforce. When you use these signs to create a virtual hub for all your vital communications, you can enhance your workplace experience and build better connections for all.


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Jessica Ellspermann is marketing manager at Enplug, a digital signage software company. After launching her career in the luxury hospitality space, Ellspermann knows the power of content for enhancing business value, and she uses that expertise to help companies grow engaged client communities.


  1. I thought it was great that you mentioned that digital signage can be placed in prime locations to help it be seen by more people. We’ve been looking for a way to display current progress towards company goals for a competition next month. Maybe digital signage services will be perfect to help us make this happen.

  2. I really liked that you mentioned how digital signs can enhance the culture in the workplace and using signs can increase the recognization of employees. After moving to our current area we saw a sign at an office building that was congratulating its employees on a digital sign. I think using digital signs would be a good way to increase employee morale and to keep things exciting in the workplace.

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