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Best Buy Canada recently embarked on a multi-year effort to enhance approximately 30 of its state-of-the-art experience stores with new interactive digital signage across Canada. These stores feature several new zones, each designed to enhance the shopping experience with interactive displays that enable customers to learn about, and even demo, the products they’re considering. An “endless aisle” concept uses interactive displays to deliver near-limitless information about products on the retail floor.

Nominating Company: BrightSign, Los Gatos, California
Venue: Best Buy Canada, British Columbia, Canada
Project: Best Buy Canada
Category: Retail Environments

WHO: Convergent Media Systems provided technical expertise and integrated digital signage hardware and software from BrightSign to enhance the shopping experience at approximately 30 Best Buy Canada retail stores.

WHAT: Best Buy Canada anticipated the growing need to provide today’s consumer with increased interactivity and design in a physical retail experience. All told, Best Buy Canada’s experience stores each contain more than a dozen interactive experiences with a variety of triggers and touch options.

GOALS: Enrich Best Buy Canada’s customers’ lives through technology with a rewarding in-store shopping experience, and close the sale by presenting a variety of shopping choices enabled by this immersive digital experience.

WHERE: 30 of Best Buy Canada’s premier “experience” store locations across Canada

WHEN: 2017 into 2018

WHY: To deliver an immersive shopping experience unmatched by Best Buy Canada’s competitors and allow customers to quickly discover the benefits of new products in emerging categories.

This high-visibility project demanded the very best hardware to ensure flawless operation. The project also demanded certain advanced interactive features enabled by specific player features and I/O. These included real-time pricing and availability information as well constantly refreshed content in various product categories.

Convergent Media Systems integrated with Best Buy Canada’s API and developed much of the back-end content flow using BrightSign’s BrightAuthor software platform to drive content on various displays located throughout the stores. BrightSign’s XD1033 digital signage media players enable interactive customer experiences and trigger product demos when selected by the customer. Key elements of the installation include:

-A Dolby ATMOS Experience that invites customers to enjoy the comfort of a home theater setting and uses a touchscreen controller to immerse them in an ATMOS-powered sight and sound environment.

-Customer interaction with displays broadcasting the benefits of available smart home products by scrolling through available options and reading reviews from other customers.

-Interactive kiosks that speed customers to the appliance option they are looking for, complete with detailed features and real-time pricing.

-An interactive “ink finder” that enables customers to quickly identify replacement ink cartridges for their particular printer.

Retail Appliance Selector pic

As of March 2018, approximately 30 Best Buy stores in Canada were retrofitted with the new interactive signage, and more are to come. Strategy Online recently named Best Buy the Retail Innovator of the Year based on the success of their new experience store format.

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