The Biggest LED Screen in Costa Rica Revolutionizes Financial Experiences


This DSE APEX Award submission/nominee was based on a 12-meter-wide by 2.4-meter-high LED P2.5 Screen in a curved configuration. Installed in Heredia, Costa Rica inside a bank branch within a mall, the main challenge was the installation of such a screen with a predetermined width, height and curvature.

Nominating Company: IDEAMEDIA, Heredia, Costa Rica
Venue: Coopeservidores, Heredia, Costa Rica
Project: Costa Rican Bank Branch LED Screen Implementation
Category: Business & Government Services

As part of an ongoing brand refreshment strategy, our customer Coopeservidores, a 58-year-old financial entity based out of Costa Rica implemented what is called its newest “Meeting-Point,” a center in which the banking advisor can meet with the customer in a different environment—a teller- and-cash-less agency. This new type of strategy for interacting with existing and potential customers had to have a different implementation, something technological, innovative and most importantly, able to create a captivating experience. LED screen technology at 2.5-millimeter pitch was the solution chosen with the inclusion of a kiosk and ATM machine within the screen. The goal was a new, captivating and memorable experience that would change the way the customer lived a financial experience and make Coopeservidores more than a bank—an advisory friend that understood the necessities of a new technological savvy customer.

Installation had to take place within a predetermined space that included predetermined width, height and curvature. Width was guarded by an already set structural column that could not be removed or reduced. Height was guarded by a porcelain floor – unremovable and uneven – besides the sheetrock finished and painted ceilings. Lastly, the curvature that was implemented within the ceiling had to be replicated on the ground level, so that we would not lose the perspective of the whole agency. This meant all four sides had to have been perfectly constructed for our 108 aluminum cabinets to perfectly fit the provided aperture. There was no room for mistakes or miscalculations.

The Biggest LED Screen in Costa Rica Revolutionizes Financial ExperiencesSOLUTIONS
The secret to solving all problems was planning and thinking ahead. As one of the last teams to work in the new branch, we knew that all of the structures and construction would be in place and these where non-movable/changeable. With this in mind, we decided to use a structure that would allow us to accurate and precisely graduate in millimeters, so we could graduate all four sides and the curvature. This structure, although simple, was the lifesaver because, once assembled, the complete LED screen and anchor moved the whole structure and all axis a millimeter at time. The total construction lasted five days and more than 90 hours of difficult and careful work.

The results are measured in the faces of our amazed customers that enter the agency just to admire such a magnificent screen with such a high resolution. In total, the more than 4.4 million LEDs make this indoor screen the biggest and best in Costa Rica.

Integrator: IdeaMedia Marketing Solutions
Customer: Coopeservidores
LED Manufacturer: GCL
Driving Systems: BrightSign

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