Billboard Promotes Magic Festival by Reading Minds


This installment of our Installation of the Week shows just how far the technological concept of biometrics has come for application in the digital signage and communications industry. This example comes from the Great White North, and more specifically the French-speaking capital of Quebec, where a bus shelter was outfitted with a clever promotional display/billboard for the upcoming Quebec City Magic Festival—a four-day extravaganza of spellbinding shows, street performances and free workshops featuring 25 magicians doing their thing this May.

This extraordinary display, dubbed ‘The Mind Reading Billboard,’ prompts pedestrians to mentally pick a playing card out of a group of 18 from the deck. Using modern eye-tracking technology, the billboard is seemingly able to read the participants’ minds with alarming accuracy based on where their pupils land and rest. The promotion functions as an effective sneak preview of what attendees will see at the festival, and at a time like this, one can’t help but think of that infamous quote from British writer and futurist Arthur C. Clarke who said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Check out the video below to see ‘The Mind Reading Billboard’ in action:


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