BLACK Launches the Creative Report Card


TORONTO, AUGUST 8, 2017 – Toronto-based place-based media company BLACK has released its Creative Report Card (CRC), an advertising analytics product that gives advertisers unprecedented insight into the performance of their Digital Out-of-Home creative at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport’s tunnel facility.

Developed to address a need for greater and immediate insight on ad performance for advertisers, and to provide a dependable means for A/B testing, the Creative Report Card uses facial recognition and eye hover data from cameras mounted on the digital displays to provide marketers with a creative score for their ads. The Creative Report Card scores tell your team how each creative execution stacks up against both your target audience and the other creative running on the feature.

Using a bell curve, ads are scored two different ways. The campaign performance score rates a particular ad’s performance on individual displays as compared to other ads running on that feature for the duration of the campaign. The peer performance score rates an ad’s performance on an individual display as compared to other ads running on that display in the 12 months preceding the campaign. Both measures offer data on ad impact and engagement.

Demographic breakdowns give agencies and marketers the percentage of male/female ad viewers in various age groups engaged with a specific piece of creative. Finally, the Creative Report Card provides a summary of insights, providing context to the statistics and rankings, and a set of recommendations based the differences between your ads and the top scoring ads.

“We didn’t start out this project with a report card in mind,” says Dean Black, President of BLACK, “We originally set out to determine how agencies could best leverage Billy Bishop’s unique attributes – the storytelling opportunities derived from our passenger journey approach to DOOH, a small but extremely attractive and wealthy audience for advertisers and the human scale HD screens and the ad tech we installed in the facility – the things that would make us different from other OOH suppliers. In the process it became obvious that the methodology we needed to do so could also provide insights that benefit individual advertisers, hence the Creative Report Card.”

In test cases to date, advertisers have successfully compared static ads against animation, learned how to best adapt their television or online ads for DOOH, and ranked performance of specific ad messages. Creative Report Cards are available on a per-feature basis and include one creative change to facilitate A/B testing, for a fee of $1,000 (multiple feature campaigns are discounted). Timing, details and duration of test scenarios are negotiated prior to campaign launch.

“The Creative Report Card product allows advertisers and agencies to test DOOH creative at Billy Bishop prior to rolling out a campaign across the country, thus assuring advertisers that they are putting their product’s best face forward and gaining campaign efficiency,” says Black.


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