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The best way to build your digital signage business on a budget, the Launch Pad is open to first-time exhibitors with DSE. It’s perfect for start-ups or any company on a budget that wants to break into the industry and reach the powerful attendance base that DSE delivers.

Traditional DSE booths require a minimum footprint of 200 square feet. The Launch Pad offers you the chance to join the show with a 100-square-foot booth for your first time exhibiting with us.

Below, in alphabetical order, are the companies blasting off with Digital Signage Expo at 2018’s Launch Pad (accompanied by company descriptions when applicable):

Advanced Service Technologies (1473) – AST, a Veteran Owned business, is a leader in deploying and supporting technology based solutions for our customers at the highest level of service and the best overall value. We’ve been providing technology deployments, field services, staging and integration across multiple verticals for over 20 years.  

APTIKO (1469) – Aptiko is the turnkey solution for interactive digital signage: create, manage, plan and distribute your content simply and intuitively through all of your touchscreens displays. Aptiko is a full web solution that doesn’t require any installation. It’s easy to use, and adapts entirely to your needs.

Audio Spotlight by Holosonics (1470) –  The Audio Spotlight is a new audio technology that creates sound in a narrow beam. Aim the flat, thin speaker to your desired listening area, providing all of the sound and none of the noise.™

Audio Spotlight systems have been installed in a wide range of applications around the world. From museums, exhibits, kiosks, digital signage to retail stores and special projects, hundreds of companies have chosen this unique, patented technology to provide high-quality, precisely controlled sound.

Bass Elements LLC (1569) – Bass Elements designs, engineers, and manufactures the largest selection of standard and custom LCD Enclosures for the digital signage maketplace. We help clients enclose, protect, and enhance their digital signage message with our functional LCD Enclosures that we provide to the entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, gaming, restaurant, and retail markets.

Battlefield Leadership (1270) – This presentation bridges the stories of America’s iconic leaders to explain the modern corporate demands of clear communication and performance under intense pressure. For over a decade, Battlefield Leadership has worked with Fortune 500 business leaders at our nation’s most famous historical sites to help executive teams function more efficiently. Through a unique fusion of historical scenarios with contemporary workplace challenges, Battlefield Leadership’s programs have proven highly effective in catalyzing leadership change for organizations and business leaders at all levels.

Hologruf, Inc. (1273) – Hologruf developed the technology that allows 3D videos and images to appear floating in the air and perceived by viewers as holograms. Our new hi-tech and cost-effective advertising technology for indoor advertising is long overdue and the established market of digital displays needs other solutions to match its growth. Simplicity in installation and content creation makes Hologruf the technology that can lead to a new era of public displays.

Kingston Technology Company (1474) – Kingston Technology Corporation is an American, privately held, multinational computer technology corporation that develops, manufactures, sells and supports flash memory products and other computer-related memory products

LEE DISPLAYS INC. (1369) – Low-price wholesale provider of all kinds of displays, guaranteed!

LumApps (1573)

Mappedin (1370) – Mappedin is the leading platform for indoor spaces to digitize their venues and build better wayfinding experiences for visitors. Mappedin makes indoor spaces discoverable by giving property owners the ability to ingest, maintain and disperse spatial data across their properties, through several mediums. On top of that we are exposing insights back to the customer by tracking and understanding the data we receive from our interactive wayfinding products. We’re proud to work with leading operators such as Simon Property Group, Macerich, Emaar, Cadillac Fairview, and many more.

Meikyo Electric Co., LTD (1673)

Parian LLC (1670) – Parian is a technology solutions company dedicated to solving retailers’ growing pains by making tools to address geographic, labor, and decision-making challenges. Parian software runs on video signboards, self-service kiosks, computers, and tablets. Increase profit by collecting data to support management decision making. Enforce, audit, and improve store performance. Reduce personnel skill requirements and cost. Scale. Parian’s executive team has 30 years of experience in the retail industry.

Radius Displays (1368) – Radius Displays is a digital signage and street furniture company who provide consulting, engineering, and supply solutions worldwide. With over 20 years of experience, Radius continues to expand our global client base and develop cutting edge, innovative, digital signage and street furniture for leading brands like Coca Cola and municipalities like San Francisco and Miami. The Radius team believes in the power of interactive digital technology in advertising, marketing and communications.

Relative Scale (1267) – Relative Scale is a digital studio that creates custom content for spaces. We partner with forward-thinking organizations to craft purposeful stories that engage and entertain audiences. Our specialties include conceptual planning, application design and development, and linear media.

signageOS (1570) – signageOS helps CMS companies to onboard any SystemOnChip (SoC) Display or digital signage player in days, not months. signageOS is a unification platform for digital signage devices, remote management and content delivery built for digital signage CMS companies and developers. signageOS is single API through which you can manage and play content on any display, player or end device. (1269) – is specialized in the development of multi-touch and multi-platform interactive applications. With a unique expertise in software and hardware, the team is committed to the development of custom made interfaces, we combine design and technological breakthrough to create the most impacting immersive marketing and technical solutions.

Tanvas (1373)

VSBLTY (1374) – VSBLTY is a ground-breaking retail technology company and the creators of Proactive Digital Display™. The company offers a variety of applications to drive brand engagement, real time data, actionable insights and sales at the POS.  VisionCaptor brings dynamic, interactive brand messaging to life on transparent glass displays, flat screens, refrigerated and freezer glass panel doors in entertainment and sports venues and retail. DataCaptor, our in-aisle and end cap application, tracks and measures the customer journey, delivering real time, actionable insights. VECTOR™, our proprietary security technology, can identify individuals when alone or even in crowds. In addition to facial identification and similarity detection, VSBLTY means the future of retail analytics is here. And it can significantly strengthen security at virtually any venue. 

WallBoard (1274)

XOGO (1574)

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