Booth Display Showcases Laser Projector Possibilities


Following the launch of Epson’s new LightScene accent lighting laser projectors, Epson needed a way to present the various applications of this new technology to a wide audience of integrators and decision makers at InfoComm 2018. To demonstrate the potential of LightScene for commercial signage applications in markets such as retail, hospitality, and more, Epson partnered with creative design agency All of it Now to create a unique and telling booth experience that showcased examples.

Nominating Company: Epson America, Inc., Long Beach, California
Venue: Epson America, Inc. at InfoComm 2018, Long Beach, California
Project: InfoComm 2018 Booth Experience
Category: Experiential Design & Planning

Powered by the vision of designers from London, New York and Tokyo, Epson teamed up with creative design agency All of it Now during InfoComm 2018 to showcase four examples of how LightScene brings retail and hospitality exhibitions to life. Each corner of the immersive LightScene display room at Epson’s InfoComm booth told a different story, exemplifying how LightScene can transform spaces and captivate customers in an array of industries. Examples included an interactive, real-time display of information about drinks and special offers on a bar top; a water-immersive visual displayed over a swimsuit for retail purposes; spotlights featuring watches in a retail display; and an immersive projection of biking trails onto the surrounding surfaces near an exercise bike. As viewers walked through the room full of LightScene displays, Epson was able to educate and accurately demonstrate how LightScene can be used in real-life spatial design and signage applications.

As a new category to Epson’s portfolio of laser projectors, Epson wanted to transcend the typical trade show booth experience and immerse viewers into the real-life applications of LightScene across various industries within the allotted booth space at InfoComm. In an effort to highlight the new form of laser projector technology to its fullest potential, Epson teamed up with designers from All of it Now to develop unique demonstrations of LightScene’s use for commercial signage applications across various hospitality and retails environments, all while working around the various restrictions that accompany booth buildouts, including limited time and space. LightScene was also very different from the typical solutions the projector community was used to seeing, so it was important to leverage this in-person opportunity to showcase and educate audiences on how LightScene can be used in real-life situations.

Epson projector situation2

Leveraging ideas originally developed by international designers as part of a global contest held by Epson to engage creative professionals in idea development for the launch of LightScene, All of it Now was able to bring to life four examples of how LightScene can be used in various business settings. With seamless installation and stunning imagery, All of it Now leveraged LightScene to deliver an immersive and interactive experience for booth attendees as they entered the display area and walked through multiple examples of retail and hospitality environments from every corner of the room. With the ability to display experiential content on virtually any surface or material as well as provide advanced image quality and create beautiful displays and unobtrusive visuals, LightScene empowers businesses with the creative freedom and flexibility to tell their story in the way they always envisioned it. The Epson InfoComm booth exemplified this potential.

Epson saw a large amount of traffic at its InfoComm 2018 booth, where various examples of how LightScene can be used were on display. As a direct result of on-site demos and meetings at the show, Epson received a substantial amount of interest and sales inquiries about the new lineup of LightScene projectors as well as a large increase in booth attendance compared to the previous year.

Danny Firpo and Howard Wong, All of it Now

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