Boston’s Red Hat Innovation Lab Installs Quilt Wall


The Red Hat Innovation Lab was designed to foster innovation and collaboration in a very open space. Part of the technology used in the space was a design element called the Quilt Wall in an open staircase. This distinctive floor-to-ceiling video wall utilized Planar’s TWA 2.5-millimeter LED in both the upper ceiling overhang 4Hx2W and 8Hx2W wall areas. rp Visual Solutions (RPV) designed and engineered the floor-to- ceiling support structure for front-service access using motion actuators.

Nominating Company: rp Visual Solutions, Anaheim, California
Venue: Red Hat EBC, New York, New York
Project: Red Hat EBC Innovation Lab
Category: Corporate Environments

Project partners Maxus Group, Planar, and rp Visual Solutions (RPV) were called upon to create this exceptional visual element in Red Hat’s EBC lab in Boston. The main objective of this visual structure provided by RPV was one of service, specifically, how to service LED cabinets without knocking them together from floor or ceiling portions of the video wall. RPV’s team of engineers designed a custom dual X-arm mount that had the ability to allow service via motion actuators from varying positions when needed.

Red Hat EBC schematics

Creating a video wall that is more than 21-feet-high, and 9-feet-wide has its challenges. Most of them stem from support and the attachment of this robust visual structure weighing 4,200 pounds to something that will hold the weight and not deflect. This project required certain clearances as well. Between those challenges, the structural engineer and RPV’s engineers determined the support elements and what attachments were needed to support the structure.

This design concept required a custom solution that only RPV’s engineers could solve for. It provisioned front-access capabilities via motion actuators, and X-Arm mounts in both the ceiling and wall areas.
Additional concerns were addressed in the design, utilizing structural tie backs and precision mounting plates specifically engineered for this project.

Project partners Maxus Group, Planar, and RPV collaborated to create a stunning backdrop for an innovation and collaboration center in the heart of Boston. It helps spawn creativity and offer a unique setting for this EBC and innovation lab where folks in the technology sector can interact and feel welcome.

Maxus Group
RP Visual Solutions

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