Boys Town Hall of History Museum Updates Donor Exhibit


Boys Town, celebrating 100 years, wanted to update their static donor displays with a new, digital presentation. These three new experiences live in the Hall of History museum, and include a donation station, donor touch application and a 2×3 picture wall, all attractive and easy to update.

Nominating Company: Nanonation, Lincoln, Nebraska
Venue: Boys Town Hall of History, Boys Town, Nebraska
Project: Boys Town Hall of History – Donor Exhibit & Donor Station
Category: Immersive Environments

Father Flanagan founded Boys Town a century ago to benefit at-risk children and families, and his legacy lives on, touching 2 million lives each year. The Hall of History pays tribute to the rich past of Boys Town and to their thousands of donors. The donors are integral to its continued success, and they needed a beautiful, modern, searchable and easy­ to-update exhibit to recognize them as well as allow easy, secure online donations on the spot. Nanonation built three experiences to fill these needs, and Boys Town has the ability to make updates at any time using Nanonation’s CommandPoint tool.

Displaying more than 3,000 donors is a big task, but Boys Town is committed to recognizing these important people. Not only are the names important, but the stories behind the names make the purpose of Boys Town shine. A static donor exhibit doesn’t do those stories justice. Also, looking for a name in a static display is a headache, so they needed a searchable application to accommodate so many names. They also wanted a visually striking display for some serious wow factor. For this, Nanonation had to figure out how to ingest ANY photo and turn it into tiles on the fly and display donor names on those tiles. In addition to recognizing existing donors, new donations are key to continued success. The donation station needed to be locked down to the secure donation page on the Boys Town site with good visibility and easy access, which are vital to attracting contributions.

The donor touch application is installed in two spots in the museum, each one tailored to a different class of donors. Nanonation integrated BoysTown’s donor database so that the interactive systems update in real-time. To flesh out the donors’ stories, BoysTown uses our simple web tool to add photos, video, biographies and quotes from each donor. These stories can also be tailored to welcome special
groups who visit the museum. There is a searchable, scrolling list to find a specific donor. The picture wall definitely provides the wow factor for the exhibit. The six screens feature name tiles that are dynamically crafted into a photo mosaic. Visitors enjoy the photos from across the room or browse donor names up close. With the donation station next to the other experiences, visitors that feel inspired by the Boys Town community can make a secure contribution in the wrapped browser, complete with on-screen keyboard.

Boys Town staff is thrilled with how easy it is to update their donor exhibit, donors receive the recognition they deserve in a meaningful, beautiful way and visitors feel inspired to become donors themselves. Even with more than 3,000 donors and counting, no one is left out or overlooked. The full donor database is automatically updated in real-time, and it takes staff just a couple minutes to add media to each donor as opposed to the months or years it could take in a static exhibit. With such strong visual presence and clever positioning near the entrance, anyone who sets foot in the Hall of History is drawn to the donor exhibit. It sets the tone that says people care. A lot. And here are the reasons why. These three experiences go beyond recognition. They allow visitors to dig in, learn the history and become part of the community.

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