Brightbox Inc. Opens Backend Platform to Partners and Brands for Content Management on its Secure Smartphone Recharging and Digital Signage Kiosk


charging stationAt DSE 2015, when Brightbox, Inc. exhibited in Intel’s massive booth, it won the rAVe award for “Best Digital Signage Kiosk Application” (Brightbox® DSE2015) for its highly secure, public-place smartphone charging kiosk.

Now this year at DSE 2017, Brightbox is announcing recent product and platform enhancements:

  • Open platform access to partners to manage their on-screen digital content on its smartphone recharging kiosks
  • Passive audience measurement with BrightboxEyeQTM software via the kiosk camera
  • Choice of 3 different secure chamber key methods: masked pin code, mag stripe card, and RFID
  • Second digital screen connection capability

“Only Brightbox offers open access to its operational platform for partners to manage their own digital content,” said Billy Gridley, the company’s CEO. “We offer digital signage with actual utility for consumers, and we empower our partners to manage real-time advertising campaigns and support their own kiosk fleets.”

The smartphone recharging Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) subsector gained considerable momentum in 2016, in Retail Malls and Stores, Sports, Theme Parks, Casinos and Healthcare, with Brightbox leading the charge.  Brightbox now has 900 of its kiosks deployed in 31 American states, 5 Canadian provinces and 11 countries, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

The company is the global technology leader in interactive recharging stations, which double as impactful advertising and marketing vehicles for global brands.  The company offers unrivaled feature versatility.  Its platform is open.  The kiosks can be leveraged for digital content delivery, interactive SMS or email capture and marketing campaigns, consumer polling and contest entry, and charitable contribution collection.  Its elegant Mark3 charging station can be wall, stand or table-top mounted, or can be integrated into larger customized form factors.  The Brightbox platform is multi-lingual.  Phone charging can be “paid” or “complimentary”.  Currently 85% of its kiosks are offered as a “free” recharging amenity to consumers.  

 “We delight our users, who in turn love us and the brands that facilitate provision of a secure recharging amenity for Out-of-Home places,” said Andrew Mikowski, the company’s VP of Retail.

Unlike its competitors, Brightbox gives its partners platform access for fleet and content management, and its platform is third-party penetration test proven.  Via its camera, Brightbox captures audience measurement data (dwell and glance time, demographics) on an anonymized basis, thereby protecting consumer privacy, which is particularly valued by sectors like healthcare and theme parks.  The company recently added “secure pin code” as a third key method:  Brightbox requires double entry of a “masked” personal pin code, a practice which increases security in response to consumer feedback about visible, screen-displayed pin codes.   

For more information on these topics, meet us at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas (March 28th to 30th, 2017) at booth #S28.

About Brightbox, Inc.

Brightbox, Inc. ( is a global B2B kiosk technology company and leader in the development and deployment of kiosk products and a secure marketing platform for recharging smartphones, delivering digital content and collecting consumer data.


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