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has been selected by IMEDIACENTER to power the digital signage component of its multi-channel advertising strategy in retail.

Starting in June 2016, IMEDIACENTER began deploying 55” – 75” LCD displays in Auchan hypermarket entrances, central store aisles and main shopping mall corridors. As the network rolls out, Auchan Drive locations will place outdoor displays where customers load their car with purchases. The installation of 3,500 displays total is targeted to conclude by the end of 2018.

The IMEDIACENTER network will reach the 420 million visitors who shop at Auchan stores each year. Content will primarily consist of advertising, though in-store and local promotions will also be included. Advertisers, such as the stores’ largest CPG brands, have welcomed the initiative with enthusiasm.

BroadSign’s platform is known for its efficiency in powering large, complex and premium networks, just like IMEDIACENTER. French consumers have high expectations when it comes to aesthetics and functionality, and IMEDIACENTER is raising the bar by delivering a sophisticated and engaging experience across digital signage and other media channels,” said Maarten Dollevoet, Vice President, Global Sales at BroadSign.

To learn about running your network on BroadSign’s platform in France or in retail, apply for a Free Trial.

About BroadSign

BroadSign International, LLC provides a software platform used by the world’s largest and most prestigious digital signage and digital out-of-home media owners to efficiently and reliably operate their networks. Powering over 120,000 displays in venues such as airports, shopping malls, health clinics and cinemas, BroadSign’s automated, scalable and secure workflow includes the BroadSign Core CMS for content playback and proof of performance.

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IMEDIACENTER is the multi-media advertising network of Auchan Retail France and Immochan France. Due to the permanent enrichment of consumers’ shopping experience and its presence at each part of the shopping journey, IMEDIACETNER is the first media group 100% integrated in the retail environment.

IMEDIACENTER offers a new way of thinking and organizing media campaigns through one-stop marketing of: gallery and event spaces, indoor/outdoor displays and web.


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