Building a Global Screen Network that Brings Real-Time Information Directly to the Factory Floor


Düsseldorf / Essen, February, 2019 — The international industrial group ThyssenKrupp is establishing a worldwide screen network focused on in-house communication. The DAX company, which has branches in 79 countries, plans to gradually equip around 1,000 screens in their factories with the digital signage solution “viewneo” from the Düsseldorf-based provider Adversign Media. In the future, employees will be able to view a mixture of local content and information from the Essen headquarters, such as company news and occupational safety information. 

“In the future, we will be able to share important news via screens directly to the factory floor. We will be able to reach all of our production staff in a matter of minutes with important information – whether they’re in Essen, Shanghai or Puebla. This is a dramatic improvement over other communication channels like notice boards. ” Eric Marzo-Wilhelm, Head of Internal Communications at ThyssenKrupp. 

“viewneo” is a multilingual, cloud-based content management system designed to centrally control multiple screen networks. So far, Adversign Media has operated its solution exclusively as a Software as a Solution (SaaS). 

To ensure maximum data security, the software is now being provided for the first time with on-premise installation and the servers located within ThyssenKrupp’s IT infrastructure. Additionally, the company is exploring utilizing other Adversign solutions, such as split-screen functionality. 


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