Cadillac House New York Becomes Multipurpose Brand Experience Center


Located in New York City, Cadillac House New York is a 12,000-square-foot physical manifestation of the Cadillac brand’s cultural world. From concerts to interactive art installations to fashion retail space, the space is designed as a venue where innovators and creators can meet and find inspiration.

Nominating Company: Samsung, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
Venue: Cadillac House New York, New York, New York
Project: Cadillac House New York
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

Cadillac wanted to create a multipurpose brand experience center to bring the brand’s unique passion and perspective beyond the automotive space to life. Located at its headquarters in Manhattan, the space is home to several partnerships and programs that deliver interactive experiences for customers. Some of the current users in the space include The Council of Fashion Designers of America, which maintains a retail space and exhibition of fashion in the venue. Visionnaire controls the art display and coffeehouse Joe Coffee serves coffee and light fare. The 12,000-square-foot permanent space opened to the public in June 2016. Content can be fully customized on the 72 Samsung displays that turn the space into a rotating location for events and vehicle exhibitions.

Not only did Cadillac have a strict budget for the project, but it was working on a fast timeline that allowed only six months from start of build to opening date. During the design stage, they experienced issues with permanent columns in the space, which was problematic since the large number and layout of the columns challenged the ability to maximize the use of space while still creating an artistic venue. The intent of the multipurpose facility was to act as a retail hub, exhibition center, fashion runway and venue to house private events such as dinners and presentations. Since the space was smaller than an average event venue and viewers could be as close as a few inches away from a screen, they needed displays that would provide high-quality resolution, flexibility in configuration and that could make the space appear as an artistic canvas rather than standard screens for advertising.

Cadillac wanted to reimagine the luxury car experience and develop a venue to share the brand’s perspective on subjects beyond automotive design. Cadillac House New York brings to life this vision. The use of the space is unique, leveraging columns to create a central runway for fashion shows. Flooring and lighting have been built to emphasize the runway effect. There are 72 Samsung screens playing synchronized content running at native resolution, providing viewers with an unmatched experience. The content for this facility and its layout is custom created and optimized to run over all screens. Content is dynamically generated by a video rendering engine based on a number of impact materials and output parameters. The video rendering platform is on site to facilitate creation of new content dependent on the needs associated with the various events hosted there.

Cadillac House New York has been an extremely successful venue that has already facilitated dozens of events, including live TV broadcasts, movie awards and fashion shows. Most notably, Cadillac House New York hosted a live fashion show featuring trending summer fashion on “Good Morning, America” in June 2016. As for general traffic, the facility welcomes an average of 1 ,000 visitors per day, including 300 first -time visitors, further demonstrating the venue’s popularity with the public.

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