Canon Canada Equips New Head Office with 11 Digital Media Zones


Canon Canada recently completed construction of their new Head Office in Brampton Ontario. Canon invested in a digital ecosystem involving 11 unique digital media zones both outside and specifically within the showroom to provide an information hub for customers, guests and employees as well as to enhance Canon’s brand.

Nominating Company: Carnyx Communications, Inc., Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Venue: Canon Showroom, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Project: Canon Showroom
Category: Business & Government Services

The purpose was to create an immersive brand and product experience for customers and visitors within the new showroom and to showcase Canon’s diverse imaging product category capability in an informative and yet entertaining manner within the showroom. Canon also wanted to effectively engage and communicate with Canon Canada employees within the new Head Office location.

One of the challenges was being able to provide for BOTH a one-to-one and group-party-based-interactive edu-tainment experience with the Canon timeline content. Another challenge was the seamless integration of the digital communication solutions with the Canon products being displayed within the showroom, given the vast array of both Canon products and digital solutions. Lastly, making sure that the innovation of the Canon product being displayed was not overshadowed by the innovation of the digital solutions there to support them was also an obstacle.

Zone 1 – Interactive Timeline Video Wall:
This zone includes 1×5 47-inch LCD screens. The solution is gesture-based with content being triggered by lidar sensors.

Zone 2- Interactive Lift & Learn Camera Video Wall:
This zone includes 2×3 55-inch LCD screens. The solution is triggered by magnetic contact sensors connected to the base of the cameras on display.

Zone 3 – Movable Branding Video Wall:
This zone is comprised of 3×3 55-inch LCD screens. The wall is positioned on a track and is movable to allow for the creation of a presentation area.

Zones 4 to 11
– Welcome Screen 1 x 55-inch portrait LCD
– Cinema, Copier and Professional Printing, Medical, Future Technologies, New Business, Connect Station Branding Walls
-Two 55-inch portrait LCDs per station
– Corporate Communication Screens
-47-inch LCDs found on employee work station floors, cafeteria and in the gym

The results include increased customer and visitor interaction with the Canon brand and an enhanced understanding of its products. There has also been more employee engagement and visibility of Canon Corporate events, performance and news. Thanks to this showroom experience at the new head office, Canon is successfully positioned as an innovator in Corporate Communication.

Dot2Dot Communications – Master Distributor for Scala in Canada
Westbury National – Installation

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