Canton Enterprises Acquires Moblty’s Network of Interactive Digital Screens and Announces MetroClick’s Partnership for the Beer, Wine and Spirits Industry


NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Canton Enterprises announced that it has acquired the Moblty network of interactive screens inside beer, wine and spirits retail locations across 13 states and Canada. The digital screens engage and educate consumers at the point of decision, driving their purchase choices. Canton Enterprises has partnered with MetroClick, leaders in retail touch screen technology, to significantly enhance product offerings and to expand the network’s reach. This includes innovative, new touch panels with antimicrobial glass to protect consumers.[1] The announcement was made by Canton Enterprises Managing Partner and beverage alcohol industry veteran, Ken Aufiero.

“MetroClick dominates the in-store digital marketing space with best-in-class content, technology and analytics,” said Aufiero.  “MetroClick’s solutions, which have redefined in-store digital engagement, both domestically and abroad, are the personification of innovation. When you combine that with our deep experience and relationships across all industry tiers, we have unlimited ability to influence consumer purchase decisions.”

The new MetroClick network is an all-in-one digital solution for reaching consumers at beer, wine and spirits stores. MetroClick measures consumer engagement and provides detailed analytics enabling the marketer to maximize effectiveness in real time. The flexible network can be used in a wide variety of retail environments, including in-shelf and floor displays, and content can be deployed remotely. They offer a robust catalogue of fixturing and display options.

“Our technology is state of the art, and we are continuously enhancing it to bring even more relevancy, innovation and engagement to the user experience,” said Taylor Miller, Chief Operating Officer, MetroClick. “By partnering with Canton Enterprises, we can keep our focus there while extending our reach exponentially.”

About Canton Enterprises

Canton Enterprises works with leading providers of turnkey, instore digital platforms, providing clients with trusted data-driven products and solutions. The company also advises emerging brands in the beverage industry. For more information, visit or contact Ken Aufiero at

About MetroClick

MetroClick merges hardware manufacturing capabilities and an in-house software development team to create the highest levels of digital communications functionality, customization and versatility. The company helps companies in a wide range of industries tell their unique stories to their customers to create engagement and boost brand impact. From retail and hospitality to stadiums and financial services institutions, MetroClick’s team has the expertise to help create desired customer experiences one touch at a time. More information is available at

[1] Verified by a leading global testing laboratory and tested in accordance to a modified ASTM E1053

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